How to help children in choosing a profession

How to help children in choosing a profession
How to help children in choosing a profession
In the modern world, many prospects and opportunities are revealed to every child. And every parent dreams of what the child would achieve in life of many, meaningful and worthwhile for example, he mastered the treatment of the spine, back pain. That is why you should pay attention to the professional orientation of children. So, we will give a few recommendations:

 • It is not necessary to make a massive mistake, it is not necessary for children to choose the future. They are not the object of your unfulfilled dreams. Let the child choose his own way, you should dry out his opinion, to understand what he wants from life.

• No need to force the child to follow a path that he did not want to choose. Remember that the most important thing in the profession is not a salary, but pleasure. People work to live, to enjoy work. Let the child choose a profession according to his feelings, according to his intuition.

• It is important that you communicate with children in a language that they understand. You should not appeal with complex terms that mean nothing to children, let them show their talents and abilities.

• No need to use abstract phrases when communicating with children, they will not understand them. Children should express their opinion, even if this opinion is different from yours. Let the child not be afraid to enter into an argument with their parents, accept their opinion.

• It is worth observing children from early childhood, what pulls them, what they enjoy, it is important that there be talent in the profession. After you need to get all the necessary theoretical and practical skills.

• If the child has chosen a particular profession, then you should not discourage him, do not frighten him with failures. It is worth respecting the choice of the child, because it is he who will make him happy.

How can you accustom the child to the mode of the day?

How can you accustom the child to the mode of the day?
How can you accustom the child to the mode of the day?
• The first thing that parents may encounter is tears of a baby. Do not let children cry too long. Teach baby to the regime gradually.

Initially, the intervals between feedings should be relatively small. If the weight of the child is about 2, 5 - 3 kilograms, then the child needs to be fed every three hours.

As the child begins to gain weight, it is possible to increase the intervals between feedings, by six months the children are able to withstand up to 5 hours of breaks between feedings and at the same time not express any dissatisfaction.

• It is very rare for children to go without night feeding. The biological clock will often start to work in a baby by 1-2 months. And my mother's task is to synchronize them with her own clock.

If you feed the child in the evening, you can wake him up after 4 hours. If he woke up and whimpers a little earlier, then you should not approach him.

Often the children fall asleep themselves, sometimes the nipple helps. If the crying does not pass, then it is worth giving the child some water. So you will help him get used to long intervals.

• Many people oppose feeding by the hour, not if you give the baby a breast or nipple on demand, then teach him small portions.

If the child is hungry, you can violate the terms and give it not after 4, but after 3 hours. When breastfeeding adhere to the 2 hour interval. Most often, the child himself is able to normalize the routine.

• There are situations where mom does not need to rush into setting a regime. So, if a child is often sick, very sluggishly sucks, wakes up and cries while feeding, it is worth being more careful. Teach to the routine of children gradually.

What weather is best to walk with your child?

 walk with your child
 walk with your child
It is necessary to walk with the child as often as possible. From birth, the baby goes out from the fifth to the seventh day for a couple of minutes. Then it is necessary to increase the amount of time to twenty minutes. You can start walking from the moment a child turns a couple of weeks, if you walk in the summer, then leave the child to sleep in a stroller on the street. In hot weather, it is better to leave the baby at home, and in the evening to go for a walk.

 You can walk, sleep, eat on the street. In the autumn, it is worthwhile to increase the number of walks up to three times, but you can go out a little later, and stop when it gets dark, when it gets cooler. Walking in the rain is not very convenient, although it is possible to use raincoats for the stroller. In winter, it is worth going for a walk at a temperature of up to -15 minutes at 20. If the temperature is lower, then you can put the baby to sleep on the glassed-in balcony in the stroller.

 You yourself have to decide what kind of weather it is worth walking with your child, if you feel it is damp outside, that the child can overcool, and if he has recently been ill, it is better to stay at home with the child. If a child has a cold headache, then you can safely go for a walk, with an already overgrown child, you can safely go for a walk during or after rain, if you wear special equipment. You should not also go for a walk in a very strong heat, it is very harmful, it carries an additional load on the body.

 It is best to walk with your child in good weather, you can walk for several hours in a row. Remember that snow is not a hindrance; if it snows, the air is unusually clear. It is necessary to dress the child in warm clothes.

 To determine if the child is cold or warm, it is enough to just feel the nose, if it is lukewarm, then everything is fine, if the nose is cold, then it's time to go home.

How can you visually make your face more slender due to optical illusion?

optical illusion
optical illusion
• Keep in mind that voluminous hairstyles will help make your face look thinner.
• Often it is dark hair that hides imperfections of the face, but light highlights them.
• True accents in make-up, for example, bright lipstick can distract attention from flaws.
• Remember that the anti-cellulite cream will not save the skin from orange peel, but in a few days, it can give the skin tone and elasticity.
• Remember that on dehydrated skin cellulite is always more visible, moisturize the skin.
• You can take vitamins for women.
• Use special citrus flavors that will make you a couple of kilos more slender in the eyes of people around you.

About the methods of raising children

About the methods of raising children
About the methods of raising children
Undoubtedly, each of the parents has their own methods of raising children, which seem to them the most correct, and among our compatriots there are a lot of people who believe that children should be brought up in strictness, forcing them to recognize the authority of their parents.
 But it is worth remembering that there are things that cannot be demanded from children in any way. We will talk about them below.
1. No need to force a child to lie
If you demand from the child to be honest all the time, then it is worth understanding what is most important in this process, if he does not lie to you, then he should not lie to his grandmother, or to other people you know.
2. No need to force a child to eat when he does not want it at all.
Treat your child with understanding, he is an individual, he should not be like others, you do not need to shove as much food into the offspring as any rules require. After all, overeating did not benefit anyone.
3. Do not change the child
 There are parents who, by all means, want to change their child, they begin to turn him into who he really is not. In no case do not do this to him, each person has his own temperament, his own character.
 If you got a shy little man, then accept him as he is, do not force him to become the soul of the company.
 If your child is very active and noisy, then do not stop him from realizing himself, opening his character traits and inclinations. Show him your care and love, accept it as it is.
4. It is not necessary to require an apology from the child is not clear why.
 Quite often, parents begin to ask the child to apologize to someone in the family for a crime that the child does not even realize. And the apology begins to simply lose its power, it turns into a ritual, the child does not betray him the meaning.
Argue your child’s requirements when asking him to apologize to one of his parents. It is necessary to explain what exactly he did wrong, otherwise the apology will not work.
5. It is worth thinking about the safety of the child, do not teach him to communicate with strangers, take gifts and sweets from them.
 Quite often, strangers want to talk to the baby, treat him with something, as a parent persuade the child not to make such contacts, do not force him to do it.
 It is worth thinking about the safety of your child, no matter how benevolent strangers may seem, they may not be so harmless, and you will not always be able to accompany the child everywhere.
6. Do not force children to be friends with those who he does not like and is not interesting.
This will negatively affect the future relationship with the child.

How to stay calm

The man is not a machine and can not get rid of the emotions. But he was able to control my attitude. 
Before you give in to the feelings and make ill-considered (and sometimes fatal) actions, ensure the adequacy of its response.

1 Be flexible, do not assume that everything has to be on your way. 
Of course, such advice is easy to give, but to apply the ... more flexible attitude to what is happening, you have to change your reaction to the behavior of others, and this requires great efforts. The first tip is easier, so him and begin.

Your boss has decided that the failure of the contract with the British company to blame you. No matter what you had alone for a few hours to organize a reception representative, as your boss forgot to warn you about his visit. No matter what your boss called the director of the company, when London was three o'clock in the morning. No matter what is your boss insulted representative of the company, his business card in his pocket without looking at it. Forget all that. Your boss blames the incident you.

There are difficult moments in life, and this is one of them. You are so angry that they are ready to go to your boss and tell him in the face of all that you think about it. Yes, you want to go to his office and give free rein to the senses. And if it does not work, to strangle him with his own hands. 
Unfortunately, this can not be done, because he is your boss and because you go to jail, lose, in general, a good job, and you have, after all, have three children. In the end also, because you respect yourself and others. Self-respect will not allow you to be like the chief, and respect for others will not lose the human form, even in such a difficult situation. In the end, even if your boss is an idiot, it world is large enough. If you have analyzed your actions and came to the conclusion that objective in no way to blame, your conscience is clear, and this is important. 
Anton was easily stress. Value accumulated cases, Anton lost, unable to separate the important from the unimportant, clutched at all the case at the same time and confuse employees. Worst of all was the fact that in this condition, Anton became inflated, and with or without a reason accepted yelling at employees. As a result, the department has developed nervousness, unhealthy situation. Head Anton noticed this and sent to a therapist Anton. 
So what to do if you have been treated unfairly or are you so upset that you do not know how to survive until tomorrow? 
When the voltage reaches a critical level, keep in mind respect for self and others. 
If you respect yourself, you will say and do only the best of what could be said and done; You will carefully consider the situation and respond appropriately and not to climb the wall. If you respect others will say and do just what the surrounding responded positively. Take care that your actions and words of others awakens the best feelings, but not the worst. 
Sometimes, your actions are incomprehensible to others because they have their own feelings, thoughts and ideas about what is right and what is not. Remember that performing certain actions. If you want to understand you correctly - explain. 
For the manager to subordinates respect especially important. The work involves the assessment of the head of operations of employees, so he always has a reason to rip on someone your bad mood. Do not allow the duties grew into a settling of accounts. 
Helpful hints that will help you. 
In order not to break, use the following tips. 
Take a glance at and count to ten. Can be repeated several times. 
Drink a glass of water. 
Imagine doing things you love. 
If an unpleasant person can not escape, imagine his ridiculous clown cockroach and so on. (Your choice). 
Recall that after four hours will be at home. 
Jump up on the site of 20-30 times. 
Promise yourself to write it all at your leisure and pro- [analyze, to continue to not get into this situation.